Vanessa Donelly

During her studies at the University of Music, Drama and Media in Hanover (Germany) she was taught especially by Prof. Frank Löhr in Conducting, Prof. Ewa Kupiec in classical piano and Prof. Tino Derado in jazz piano.

At the beginning of her studies she met the film composer Randall Meyers (Sophie’s World), who taught her in orchestration techniques, composition in all styles and arrangements, film language and the craft of translating images into music. On her way she met amazing people like Peter Zeitlinger (“Queen of the Desert”), James Newton Howard (“The Hunger Games”), Patrick Doyle (Henry V), Alexandre Desplat (“Grand Budapest Hotel”), Danny Elfman (“Edward with the scissorhands”) and Agent Laura Engel.

In 2017 she started her own recording studio “Donelly Records” and already produced some musical songs like “Gentleman Prince”. For more information click on “Little Cinema” and have a look here:


Like her idol Alan Menken (BMI New York) she is now a Member of BML (London).